From voguing on moving trains and bringing runways to life to re-creating an iconic musical and working with Europe's finest; Kemar Jewel is known for taking videos to the next level! Below are some of Kemar's most famous projects. 

Voguing Train by kemar Jewel



Voguing and Ballroom is such an underground let's actually take it underground! 

Voguing Train is the debut project from Director and Choreographer KEMAR JEWEL! When you mix elements of the ballroom scene with performance art, there is always magic to be made.

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Feel the vibe by bob sinclar (choreographed by kemar jewel)

Bob Sinclar Ft. Dawn Tallman - Feel The Vibe available on iTunes →

Productor : Fiat Lux TV

Director : Jim Trebes
Chief Operator : Frank Brettnacher

Choreographers: Kemar Jewel & Tanisha Scott 

DRAMATIC! by Kemar Jewel

Who's ready for some DRAMA?

From the same team that brought you Voguing Train, Vogue Ball Tango, HANDS, and more...DRAMATIC! by Kemar Jewel tells the story of a group of mad scientists who abduct people and inject them with “drama” as an experiment. The dancers have horrible reactions to this injection and start flipping out. What could possibly go wrong??  

#DRAMATIC #BringontheDrama


Vogue Ball Tango by Kemar Jewel


What happens when you mess with the wrong voguing diva?! Well you're about to find out! 

Kemar Jewel puts a new and creative spin on an old classic by combining Cell Block Tango (from the Broadway musical Chicago!) with the popular dance style of Vogue to show you what happens when Broadway meets Ballroom! Vogue Ball Tango by Kemar Jewel features an-all LGBTQ people of color cast that will surely blow your mind and have you singing "Bitch I was voguing!"

Hands (ft. javier ninja) by Kemar Jewel


The Legacy of Paris is Burning Continues...

HANDS by Kemar Jewel takes you on an "Alice in Wonderland" adventure as we journey deep into the world of VOGUE through one of the key elements...Hand Performance. The video features Legendary Javier Ninja, a student of Willi Ninja (star of Paris is Burning), and shows the world that we all posses fantastic power in our own hands. 

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The Runway Museum by Kemar Jewel



Runway is all about the stride, the hips, the outfit, the poses, and of course, the SHADE! We have it all here at this Museum.

THE RUNWAY MUSEUM is the 2nd video project from Director and Choreographer KEMAR JEWEL! When you mix elements of traditional runway with modern day art and performance, there is magic to be made.

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G.A.Y. (God Accepts You) by Kemar Jewel


No matter who you are; no matter what you do, always remember that GOD ACCEPTS YOU.

(G.A.Y.) God Accepts You shows the world that even if you are gay, lesbian, bi, trans, or queer, you can still LOVE GOD, have a relationship with GOD, and be accepted into church. The video features a style of vogue called OLD WAY, which is the original style of vogue, which focuses on lines, poses, angles, shapes, and storytelling. 

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Wig by Todrick Hall (Dance Consultant/ Dancer Kemar Jewel)

Wig by Todrick Hall

Haus Party Part 2!

Now available on Itunes, Spotify, and More!

Bernie bae! by Leah Kauffman (Choreographed by Kemar Jewel)


Talk Bernie To Me! Watch the viral #berniebae video taking the Internet by storm!

Created by Leah Kauffman
Music & Lyrics by Leah Kauffman and Jeffrey Fry
Filmed and Edited by Dan King Photography and Jon Chicot
Associate Produced by Chris Barrett
Choreographed by Kemar Jewel